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Option to pay off old debt

Options to Pay Collection Agency

Options to pay collection agency debts. You have to draw the line sooner than later. It is ok to want an 850 credit score. It is not ok to continue the same reckless behaviors that lowered your credit in the first place. Quit talking about when you get your credit fixed your going to do […]

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Getting your credit report with no credit card

How can I Get a Credit Report without a Credit Card

How can I get a credit report without a credit card? The Federal Trade Commission has made obtaining a copy of your free credit report, without a credit card very easy. The Commission recognized that people were incurring problems in trying to get a copy of their credit report whether they had a credit card […]

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Obtaining your credit report

How can I Get a Credit Report

How can I get a credit report? Since the crash of 2008 the world has changed dramatically. Americans lost $11 trillion in wealth, or about 25%. Unemployment and foreclosures have devastated American families. Their ability to maintain credit was destroyed. Now more than ever maintaining adequate credit is critical to one’s survival and well being. […]

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