How can I Get a Credit Report without a Credit Card

How can I get a credit report without a credit card? The Federal Trade Commission has made obtaining a copy of your free credit report, without a credit card very easy.

The Commission recognized that people were incurring problems in trying to get a copy of their credit report whether they had a credit card or not.

Credit reports are created as easily as when a person rents an apartment.

The Commission working with the U. S. Congress mandates that everyone is entitled to a free copy of their credit report every year.

In this article on, how can I get a credit report without a credit card, I discuss a few other companies that you may not have known about but also collect data about you.

So how can I get a credit report without a credit card? Facilitating the process of getting a free credit report was accomplished by establishing a website “Annual Credit Report” where a person can enter certain data that identifies who they are.

This data is processed by this web site to one of the three major credit bureaus that you select, and then after you looked at the report created by your first choice you can go to the other two credit reporting agencies and get a free copy of their credit report on you.

Getting your credit report with no credit cardGetting a free copy of your report from these three reporting agencies is not the end of your work. There are at least two lesser known reporting agencies.

Chex Systems keeps track of your banking history and particularly if you have ever left a bank while owing money on a checking account, or committing some fraudulent act against a bank.

Chex Systems has a web site where you can request a free copy of your report in their files.

Getting a copy of your report from Choice Point is most valuable because this company records more data on a person than can be imagined without seeing it.

Your report includes your insurance claims for auto and homeowners. A record of criminal arrests and convictions is included.

Collecting data on people is the task of all these agencies, and sometimes they get the wrong data on another person’s file.

This is why it is recommended by the Federal Trade Commission that you review your reports once a year because each reporting agency includes data other than credit data.

You don’t need to have any open credit to have a credit report or to get a copy of it.

In addition to the places that I mentioned, you can actually have your credit report mailed to you by either of the big three credit bureaus.

They offer 2 different methods. Each has their own phone number that you can call, which will require you to go through a short verification process that once confirmed will mail your report to the verified address.

They also offer a downloadable form that you can print out, fill out and mail back to them.

Once they verify the information that you send against the information they have and it matches, they will mail a copy of your report to your home within a few weeks.

This process does take longer than using a credit or debit card but it is free. Additionally, you could use a pre-paid credit card to get your report as well.

You could simply load the amount of money it cost for your report onto the card and then use it online to download your credit report.

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