How Do You Get a Bank Account Unfrozen

How do you get a bank account unfrozen? There are many reasons behind why a bank account might become frozen.

These range from using the account overseas to having a large amount of debt.

Depending on the reason behind why the bank account is frozen, the overall process is going to vary from unfreezing the account.

However, it is still possible to do so, regardless of the situation. So when you consider how do you get a bank account unfrozen, there are a few specific tips you need to follow.

So How Do You Get a Bank Account Unfrozen

For starters, you need to contact the bank and find out why it was frozen.

If you accessed the account while overseas it is because the bank flagged the account as possibly hacked and has since frozen it.

To correct this you simply need to tell the bank you are in the specific country and what cards you have with you and the bank will unfreeze the account.

For future reference, it is always best to tell your bank you are out of the country before traveling.

If the account is frozen due to legal issues, you need to contact the bank for the attorney’s information so you can contact the attorney directly and see what is going on.

The account may be frozen due to unpaid bills. If these bills are legitimate and you need to pay them, the only way you are able to unfreeze the account is by paying off the bills.

However, if you never received a summons to appear in court in order to pay the account and bills off, you are able to have the account unfrozen as your account should not have been frozen without giving you fair warning.

On top of this, if the account is frozen without your notification, it may mean the claim is not valid.

When it comes to something like this, you may need your own lawyer in order to negotiate with the attorney who initially placed the freeze on your account.

When this is the case, your attorney is going to file something known as a Motion to Vacate the Default Judgment.

As long as the motion is granted, the account will be unfrozen.

Once you have the account unfrozen you are able to either pay off any bills that have caused your account to become frozen, or proceed with your standard banking habits, as long as there is no further instructions from the court system.

Many people also report frozen accounts from suspected money laundering.

Banks often freeze accounts when they notice numerous deposits and withdrawals that occur within a short time period.

If this is your normal behavior, they will have already noticed. However, if you normally only deposit a few hundred dollars a month and started to deposit this amount every day and then turn around and withdraw the money, a few flags are going to go up.

In this case, when the bank notices suspicious activity, they are more likely to contact you by phone to discuss the matter.

If they can not reach you or you fail to return their calls, for their safety and your safety they may freeze the account until they have heard from you.

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