What will Happen if You Don’t Pay a Ticket

What will happen if you don’t pay a ticket? No one likes it when they get a ticket of any sort.

Most people often feel that police officers are out to get them or that the tickets they issue are part of some quota that must be met.

Regardless of how you feel about getting a ticket, if you don’t pay it or show up for court like most tickets demand, you are automatically admitting that you are guilty.

The ticket does not just go away after a while either. Below are some other tips that describe what will happen if you don’t pay a ticket.

I realize that having to go to court for most people is a big hassle. Court offices are always jammed pack with other people trying to deal with tickets as well as other legal matters.

Going to court nearly 100 percent of the time is also an all day event. However failing to show up at court or failing to pay a simple ticket can cost you more than a boring day waiting around for your name to be called.

If you feel that any ticket you have received is unwarranted, your very best bet is to show up in court and speak with the judge about it.

When you fail to appear before the court, as I said, you are automatically guilty. Additionally it is disrespectful and you lose any chance that you may have had to get the ticket dismissed.

Failure to pay a ticket costNearly all tickets carry fines and tickets that require you to show up at the court house also carry court cost.

When you don’t take care of a ticket, you are fined and you are also charged any court cost associated with your case.

It does not stop there, your ticket will also be considered late and every day on into the future that the ticket remains unpaid, late fees continue to be added. A $50 ticket can wind up costing you $500 in no time at all.

After a specific amount of time set by the court, they will issue a warrant or bench warrant for your arrest. Yes, it starts to get scary.

If a court in your town issues a bench warrant for you and while on vacation in Florida you are pulled over, the officer has to detain you.

Just because you are in a different state does not mean a thing. If you have a warrant and you get pulled over, the party is over.

In states like Michigan, if you don’t pay a ticket or show up to court your driver’s license is automatically suspended until the problems is taken care of.

This can turn into an even bigger problem if you get pulled over. Not only will the police officers computer show the unpaid ticket and warrant, you have now been caught driving on a suspended license.

Your problems will get much worse before they get better. How are you going to get to work and run all of the little errands that life demands without a driver’s license?

Some courts even report this information to credit bureaus which can destroy your credit overnight.

Are all of these things worth not paying a $50 ticket? I didn’t think so either. Call a lawyer if you need legal advice.

Courts are willing to work with you if you’re on a budget to get fines taken care of you just have to ask. You can avoid paying a ticket by not breaking the law.

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