What Will Happen If you don’t pay credit card bills

If you wonder what will happen if you don’t pay credit card bills I’ll surely tell you.

Most people that wonder what will happen if you don’t pay credit card bills already have no intention of paying the bill in the first place.

Yes, things do happen in life that may interfere with the money you have coming or are owed.

However, credit is what it is and it’s not your money if you have to pay it back.

One thing is for sure and that’s, just because you don’t pay your credit card bills doesn’t mean they will disappear. Here are just a few of the things that will happen.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Pay Credit Card Bills On Time

Late Fee: It’s not enough that most credit cards have high interest rates. The late fees with most credit cards are around $30 to $50.

Not just for the first time that you are late, each month thereafter as well.

People get into trouble quickly with late fees by assuming that it’s ok to send partial payments. If the minimum payment is $25 and you send in $20, you still owe them $5.

When your next statement comes out it will reflect the previous balance along with an added late fee.

Phone Action: The worst phone calls to get are from people that you owe money too. Credit card companies will typically start calling you after the 10th or 14th day after your payment was missed.

If you have been late more than once, the calls will start right away.

Some people think that putting their number on the do not call list is a cure for stopping the calls.

It is not because you agreed to do business with the credit companies therefore they have a right to call you.

The do not call list does not prevent the gas, electric, phone, cable and credit cards companies from calling you about your late bill.

These calls can become as frequent as every 15 minutes until your account is paid up.

Credit Reporting: I rarely heard the words, good credit while growing up. Today you hear the phrase all of the time.

I remember the first time that I found out I needed credit was at a car lot while trying to buy my first car.

I didn’t even have bad credit; I had no credit, so I needed a co-signer. No one really said the word, credit, directly. It was always, can you put it in or under someone else’s name.


Instead of wondering what will happen if you don’t pay credit card bills try this.

If the money that you have coming in is unpredictable, when you do get that lump sum save some money for multiple credit card payments.

If your card’s minimum payment is $25 and you are able to put aside $75. Instead of keeping that o’so tempting cash in your drawer, go and buy 3 money orders.

Fill each of their payment information in as well so that you’re less likely to try to return them for the cash. Read the fine print on the back to see for yourself but most money orders are good for a year.



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