Where Can I Get My Tax Forms

Where can I get my tax forms? As you may have noticed, you no longer receive tax forms and guides in your mail.

Why is this? Well, the IRS decided to stop mailing out these things to you because they have made them easily available to you somewhere else, and it saves a lot on paper and money for them.

Within the information below I answer the question, where can I get my tax forms as well as provide a few needed tips that you can use during tax season.


So where can I get my tax forms? The best place to get any type of tax form is from the IRS’s website, which is easy to remember as it is just IRS.gov.

They have a whole section available to you where you can go through and find the exact form that you need.

Once you find it, you are given the option to print it directly off of their website into a paper format.

What if you don’t have a printer? Don’t worry, there are other ways to get your tax forms printed off.

The best place to go would be a public library, as they will usually let you print a certain number of pages for free.

If you end up having to pay the library any money at all to print your forms, which is highly unlikely, it will only be a few cents so don’t worry about high printing cost.

Local places to get tax formsFrom Your Employer

If you have to use a W-2 form for your income taxes, you can always get other needed tax forms from your employer as they are provided with these forms around tax season.

They should be happy to give you the form, as they are required to by law. Once you have your tax form you can just fill it out and mail it in with a check if you owe any money, and your taxes will be all paid off.

If your employer hasn’t given you your tax forms yet and it is getting close to that time that you need to pay your taxes, don’t hesitate to talk with them about it.

Sometimes the forms come in late, or they just get lost in the mail.

It is also possible that your employer has them but forgot to give them to you, so just by asking, you can get your tax forms from them and get your taxes filed or paid off in full.


If you need a specific tax form, the IRS’s website always has every type of tax form available for you.

They want you to pay your taxes, so they make it as simple as possible for you to have access to these forms, and it doesn’t cost you a dime to get them off of the website — excluding the cost of printing them off.

Make sure that you correctly fill out your tax forms; otherwise, you could end up owing more than you think. Many people make minor errors when preparing the tax forms for filing.

Therefore, it would be wise to double check your information before you decide that the forms are ready to be mailed.

If you find any errors, correct them but check the entire document again after the corrections have been made.

Additionally never, file or pay your taxes late. The IRS is willing to work with you to help you pay your taxes and will provide an extension if you are unable to pay or file your forms on time.

This is not automatic however; you must contact them to let them know what your situation is and what you plan to do about your tax issue.

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