Where can You Get a Money Order From

Where can you get a money order from? Although they can be found easily in many neighborhoods, stores or businesses that sell money orders are still not as common as a street sign on every corner.

Money orders may be a more secure form of payment compared to the standard check.

However, there are some things that you should know about money orders besides where can you get a money order from, before you hand the cashier your money.

Money orders can be altered. There are many reports of criminals erasing and adjusting the dollar amount on money orders.

The post office and other vendors that sell money orders have started to take appropriate measures to stop this type of activity but there is something that you can do as well to protect your money order.

Fill out the money order completely with a fine-tip permanent marker. It does not matter where but write “Payment of $50.00”, or what ever amount you are paying, on the money order and make a small circle around it.

Places to get a money orderThis will help to deter crooks because the amount is written on the money order and you can not erase permanent marker without doing visible damage to the paper that the money order is printed on.

Nearly everyone has a phone today that has a camera built into it as well. Before you detach the stub from your money order, take a picture of the front and back of it with your phone.

You can print the image if you desire but just make sure that you save the pictures. This is another easy way to protect yourself as well because you will now have visual proof of the amount of the money order.

It is up to you as to if you want to keep the images but once the payment has been cleared for whichever account the money was intended for, it is ok to delete the pictures.

So where can you get a money order from anyway? Convenience stores, pharmacies, your bank, grocery stores, check cashing locations and any post office in your area.

Some of these locations have set prices for their money orders but some adjust the price according to the dollar amount.

Money orders from the post office do not expire according to their website. I took a look at some of the old stubs I had laying around from other money order vendors and they all had expiration dates on them.

Some were 60 to 90 days and a few others expired 12 months from the date of purchase.

The companies that receive your money order to pay a bill may not wait that long to cash it but a money order from a relative for a birthday gift often falls victim to expiration dates.

Next to electronic payments, money orders still remain a very popular form of payment around the world. Like all things though, the minute that you assume that it can not happen to you, it somehow does.

Therefore, it is very much worth the small steps that you have to take to protect the big picture, your money.

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