Where can You Get a Prepaid Visa Card

Where can you get a prepaid visa card? Many people still can not agree on what caused the sudden demand for prepaid credit cards.

Some feel that the internet is responsible, yet others believe the demand to build credit for people with low scores or bad credit is responsible.

Regardless of who was first, prepaid credit cards are more convenient than writing checks or carrying large sums of money. Not all of them but some do offer credit rebuilding opportunities.

So where can you get a prepaid visa card? Prepaid visa cards can be purchased directly from Visa. You can order one from their website or you can acquire one by calling Visa by phone.

Visa’s prepaid cards are reloadable, can be used anywhere Visa is accepted and allow you to have money directly deposited onto the card.

I am quite sure by now that you have saw prepaid credit cards at the local gas station, pharmacy and supermarket.

All of the cards that you see that have the Visa logo on them are legit and have permission to use the logo.

In fact, if you visit Visa’s website the link that you follow to get a prepaid card takes you to a list of the same companies and cards that you see in the store.

Prepaid visa card tipsAll prepaid credit cards have one thing in common and that is they allow you to spend the money online or offline that you have loaded onto them.

One thing none of them have in common is a universal fee scale. Much like a checking account, unless the card specifically says that there is not a monthly or yearly fee, there is one indeed. The question here is how much is the fee.

Monthly fees for a prepaid credit card can range from $5 to $30 or more depending on the company that is offering the card.

Some of the cards charge one-time activation fees but the majority of them do not. This is why it is important to sit down and read the fine print.

Getting a transaction declined is embarrassing enough and just because you did not read the fine print talking about the monthly fee, does not mean you will get your money back.

Always read the details. Like I said, some of these cards report to credit bureaus and some even offer rewards or cash back on your purchases.

Before I let you go on to explore which prepaid card is right for you, I want to share one important thing that gets people into trouble with prepaid cards all of the time.

I am not saying that you should not use your prepaid credit card at the gas station. I am saying, if you do not have much money on the card and you are trying to keep track of every cent, do not pay at the gas pump.

Go inside of the gas station and pay that way. When you pay at the pump in most states, a $75 hold is applied to your card on top of the $35 that you pump into the tank.

So magically, you just spent $110 for your gas. The hold does expire in a few days at most but what if you had plans for that $75?

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