Where to Get A Credit Card with No Credit

Do you want to know where to get a credit card with no credit? This is something that everybody goes through at some point in their lives because everybody starts out with no credit in the beginning.

Now, even though you don’t have credit it doesn’t mean you can’t get a credit card.

Just keep in mind that you probably won’t get a low interest rate, high limit credit card when you first start out because you have to build up your reputation.

Deciding Where to Get a Credit Card with No Credit

There are many places to get a credit card with no credit but it is recommended that you start out with a retail credit card.

Retail credit cards are those that are given to you when you are buying clothes at your local Macy’s or when you are shopping at Wal-Mart.

You will easily be able to get a credit card from a retail store because they give you a very small spending limit and they don’t have a strict acceptance policy.

You can also get a credit card with many banks. Most people think that banks won’t give a credit card to somebody with no credit, however, they will if you back the credit card with your bank account.

What this means is that you open up a bank account with them and then you setup an automatic payment from the account to the credit card. This ensures that the credit card will be paid each month.

Credit card with no creditIf you don’t know where to get a credit card with no credit, then don’t worry because you can always get a pre-paid credit card.

Pre-paid credit cards are great to get when first starting out because they report to the credit bureau as long as you keep using their credit card.

The way this works is you put money onto the pre-paid credit card just like you would into a bank account and then you can use it.

The benefit of getting a pre-paid credit card over any other credit card is that you can’t get denied and therefore, there is no way this will hurt your credit now or in the future.

As you can see, there are many ways to get a credit card with no credit. Don’t think that starting to build up your credit is going to be a daunting task because it won’t be. Just make sure you start out with a credit card that you can handle and work your way up.

At all cost, you should never pay your credit card bill late, not even one day late. Every time that you make a late payment, it drops the credit score that you are trying to build up. Do your research, before you apply for a credit card.

Do not just go out and start filling out every credit card offer available either because each time that you fill out one of the offers and do not get accepted, your credit score drops.

The most important part about having good credit is maintaining your good credit. The money available to you on a credit card can often be tempting. Just remember that no matter what you spend, you have to pay it all back.

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